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Old Radio Show:


New York Times, April 20th, 2001

Coming Soon:


Memo from Roy Nathanson concerning Moresay Radio...

Moresay radio will act as a digital megaphone for the marriage of music and words. Words and
music were married several months ago in a secret affair beyond the Cape of Reasonable Hope.
Most of us were there but many of us slept through the long and somewhat boring ceremony
as the truth it was proclaiming was so apparent that most dozed off, feeling only a slight breeze
around tired ears.

Each week different guests at the recent marriage will present something or somethings to
listen to for those of us who, for one reason or another, couldn’t attend the ceremony.
The radio show will air weekly on this website as well as on the website of NYXO records – starting mid-April 2021, so by all means keep your ears opened!

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